McDonald’s Franchise Employees Planning Strikes After Company Wage Decision

Nationwide protests are being planned for McDonald’s workers across the country after the major fast-food chain decided to raise wages for only those workers at company owned stores. This decision leaves out employees at 90% of McDonald’s franchises in the country. The franchisees remain in control of pay and benefit decisions for their workers.

McDonald’s Corporation announced Wednesday that they plan to raise the minimum wage for over 90,000 of their workers. They will start paying these employees at least $1 an hour more than the respective local minimum wage effective July 1st, as well as including extra benefits for the employees.

Organizers say massive strikes will take place across 200 cities on April 15th. More information to come as the date approaches.

It is the responsibility of all employers to remain compliant with both federal and local minimum wage. As the minimum wage continues to change in cities across the nation, it’s important to stay informed and updated. Allow All In One Posters to help you with this process. Make sure to check with state and federal combination posters to find your required minimum wage posting.

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Governor Brown Orders First-Ever Water Usage Restrictions in California

drought2California Governor Jerry Brown has placed mandatory water-usage reductions for the state of California in an executive order signed yesterday, April 1st. This is the first time in the state’s history that such restrictions have been placed, as the 4-year drought has now hit never-before-seen proportions. The record of low-snowfalls this past winter places the state in a near-crisis situation.

The State Water Resources Control Board has been directed by the executive order to enforce the water supply agencies in the state to reduce water usage by 25% over the next year. These agencies provide water for about 90% of residents. The water agencies will be responsible for setting the restrictions, as well as monitoring and compliance.

drought1Homeowners, farms, and other businesses alike will be affected across the board. According to Governor Brown, a vast amount of water is wasted by Californians by excessive showering, washing cars, and watering lawns. He states that it is now a “new era.”

On the other hand, owners of large farms will not fall under the 25% reduction requirement. Officials have analyzed that these farms already have cut back their water use, and they obtain water from sources outside of the local water agencies. However, as required by the executive order, the large farms must create detailed reports breaking down their water use, which will serve as a way to note any water waste.

State officials are prepared to enforce measures such as fines to make sure state residents remain compliant.

See the executive order here.

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Cesar Chavez Day: Labor Leaders seek higher wages and better working condition

President Barack Obama in 2011 designated Cesar Chavez Day nationally on March 31 of each year; however,  the day is not recognized as a federal holiday.

In this year’s proclamation, Obama recalled that after Chavez “fought for higher wages, he pushed for fresh drinking water, workers’ compensation, pension plans, and protection from pesticides.

On March 31st, service to the community is promoted and encourages in honor of the work Cesar Chavez dedicated his life to. A number of government offices as well as colleges, libraries, and public schools are closed in honor of the commemoration. While it is not a federal holiday, the state of Texas recognizes the day and the state of Arizona offers an optional holiday. California has observed celebrations in Chavez’s honor since 1995.

Cesar Chavez was a Latino American civil rights activist who used aggressive but non-violent tactics to increase awareness for the farm workers’ struggle. He worked steadfastly for unionism and was promoted largely by the American Labor Movement, as they were also eager to increase membership for Hispanic members. He traveled through California making speeches about worker’s rights.


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Raymond’s Ridgewood LLC Owes Employees over $325,000 in Back Wages

New Jersey chain Raymond’s owes $325,534 in back wages to workers at two locations. Employees at Ridgewood and Montclair locations were affected by Raymond’s Ridgewood LLC’s failure to pay overtime and proper wage rate for tipped employees.

At the Ridgewood location, 84 employees are due a total of $100,048 in back wages. The kitchen staff and tipped employees both are owed overtime wages, in addition to tipped workers who have not been receiving the proper wage since the beginning of their employment. At the Raymond’s location in Montclair, a total of 76 workers are due $225,486 in back wages.

The total back wages cover employee compensation from April 1, 2012 to March 31, 2014. The restaurant has agreed to make payments, and is in the process of completing them now.

Managing a business provides a myriad of difficulties, and constantly utilizing extra time to research compliance matters can be detrimental to a business owner. Let All In One Posters do the researching for you. The knowledgeable and experienced staff can assist you with all your labor law and compliance concerns, while also providing the most professional and accurate posters for your workplace.

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Seattle’s Iconic Ivar’s Gets Rid of Tips and Raises Wages to $15 an hour

Many Seattle restaurants have been trying to establish how the new minimum wage, set at $15 an hour, will affect their business. Well, the city’s famous seafood chain restaurant Ivar’s plans to take the decision into their own hands. The chain plans to raise they pay of the lowest paid workers directly to $15 per hour, while removing tips overall and raising menu prices.

The restaurant will now encourage customers to not leave any tip since they will be paying more for food items. The chain’s management believes that with this new wage-system, the annual pay for hourly workers will be the same, or higher than their earnings last year.

Ivar’s will also be increasing minimum wage to $11 an hour for workers at over 50 of their quick-serve seafood bars and stadium locations.

Seattle’s minimum wage law will take effect Wednesday April 1st. Approximately 19,000 workers in Seattle will be affected by the minimum wage increase. The plan to raise the city’s minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2017 was approved last year. Businesses with fewer than 500 employees will have until 2021 to meet the $15 per hour requirement. Seattle Mayor Ed Murray was in support of the ruling, claiming a large victory for fast food workers who have been consistently pushing for higher wages.

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Building Explodes in Manhattan’s East Village

As of Thursday, two men remain reported missing after the building explosion in Manhattan’s East Village. The blast occurred at 3:17 p.m. on Thursday, causing three buildings to collapse and damaging four others. Over eleven buildings were evacuated.

Currently, over 20 people are injured and two men remain reported missing. A group of bystanders attempted to help pull people away from collapsing buildings, while a nearby off-duty firefighter immediately climbed the fire escape to look for residents possibly trapped inside.

Investigators are looking into gas lines to find the exact cause of the explosion.

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Abe’s Disposal Employee Struck by Moving Vehicle Thursday Morning

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has begun an investigation following an accident involving a garbage collection driver who is suffering critical injuries after being struck by a moving vehicle.

The incident took place in West Omaha, southwest of 156th Street and West Maple Road yesterday morning around 8 o’clock. Eighteen year old Abe’s Disposal employee Michael Pederson was rushed to the hospital and listed in serious condition immediately following.

According to OSHA area director Bonita Winingham, drivers should always slow down for workers. Precautions should be taken my employees as well by wearing reflective vests and using warning signs.


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